Redbornstoke Morris

Redbornstoke Morris 1976 – 2018

Redbornstoke Morris was a men’s side based in Ampthill, Bedfordshire.  The side was created in 1976, dancing in and around Bedfordshire and the surrounding areas and also travelled further afield to a number of festivals and Days of Dance over the years and included trips abroad.

Redbornstoke Morris was a men's side who specialised in their own interpretation of Cotswold style dancing in the summer months, dancing in whites; but in winter they performed their own amalgam of border and molly, which was danced in black.

After celebrating our 40th anniversary in 2016 the side reluctantly decided to fold as most of the members were 'getting on a bit', with only the Squire, Jamie, being on the right side of sixty, and  as there had been no response to appeals for new, younger members. 

Redbornstoke Morris men took their final bow on the Toddington Tour, held on July 12th 2018. 

Those who knew Redbornstoke Morris will be aware that almost the entire repertoire wss performed in their own Traditions of Ampthill, Scouthall and Marston.  Many sides have expressed interest in these dances, including local sides.  In order to try and keep these dances alive, we have  set up a new side  to fill in the gap left by Redbornstoke Morris (and the disbanded Bedfordshire Lace ladies side), and to pass over the stewardship of this legacy.

This new side, Golden Hare Morris, meets at Steppingley Village Hall on Wednesday evenings between 8 & 10 pm.    Anybody interested in joining this side should contact Jamie, see details below, or simply turn up on a Wednesday and give it a try.   Redbornstoke Morris will contuinue to mentor the new side for a while.  Please think about coming to a session, no commitment. 

The contact for this initiative is Jamie on 07555 021964, email lewhan2015@gmail.com

Should you be interested in these dances, they have now nearly all been recorded, and probably most can be found on You-tube.  We are happy to arrange workshops to teach the dances to other sides or individuals.

We were saddened to hear that the founder of Redbornstoke Morris, David Adcock, passed away earlier this year.  A few representatives of the side were able to attend his funeral and were asked by the family to perform a dance - in kit.  David was always supportive of Redbornstoke and followed the side's exploits, attending many events over the years.  His presence will be greatly missed; the large attendance at his funeral serves as testament to this.

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