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If you are interested is giving morris dancing a try, come along and join us.  Pop along and watch us some time (see programme) and have a chat with one of us - and maybe buy us all a drink...

You may wish to join us at our practice sessions - between October and April we meet most Monday nights in the Main Hall at Redbourne School, Ampthill, from 8 till 10, and then tend to adjourn to the Albion on Dustable Road for refreshments and for serious philosophical discussions.

If you wish to contact the side, the current Officers are: -         

Phil Perlin, Bagman Secretary, for bookings and general enquiries,



alternatively, e-mail the Webmaster (Rik)

You may be interested in our myspace pages on

Associated links: -

Some of our musicians are involved in other musical ventures;

Paul Scourfield, is a performer in his own right and also performs in the ceilidh band Chalktown: -

Taz Tarry is the founder member of the English String Band -

Redbornstoke Morris

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