Dancing Traditions

Redbornstoke Morris

From the start Redbornstoke have danced in the Cotswold traditions. In the late 1970s, we concentrated on Bledington, but included others, such as Badby.  Ducklington became our main tradition from 1986, along with the Ampthill tradition, which we started to develop from around 1983. We also included the Upton-upon-Severn hanky dance, which is still with us. From Ducklington we moved to Bampton and then back to Bledington along with an expanded Ampthill.


Since the early 1990's we have concentrated on our own traditions, expanding the Ampthill repertoire. December 1998 saw the world premiere of the Marston tradition, danced in black kit for the winter months.  By the early in the 2000’s Bledington had been displaced by the local Scouthall tradition, which continues to be developed.  The Ampthill tradition contains number of homegrown tunes written by Barry Goodman, Brian Mander, Taz Tarry and Martin Banks. 


Our own tradition, named after the Georgian market town where we practice. Cotswold in style, constantly developed and refined.  Normally danced by six men, but there is one five-man dance and a couple of three-man dances.  Many dances are done to tunes written by side members.


This tradition has only two known dances, we do the less well-known, hanky dance.


The side unearthed this little known winter dance tradition, in the molly style, among the brickfields of Bedfordshire.


Pronounced 'Scuthle', this Cotswold-style tradition was discovered in Mid-Bedfordshire a few years ago. Normally danced by six men, but recently a few dances have been adapted for four.

Ampthill stick dance as performed near Exeter in 2010

..and negotiating the tricky Motley Cap, five man Ampthill dance at Exeter in 2010.

The standard finish for the Ampthill dances; here featured at Sidmouth in 2012

..at The Hub in Siidmouth, the Upton Hanky Dance

Redbornstoke Morris dance in the Scouthall style on May Day 2009

The Scouthall finishing flourish at Hastings Jack in the Green, 2009

Dancing the three-Man stick dance in Nissan lez Enserune, France, 2012

Dancing Marston in Cheltenham

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